A tip of the hat to the TTABlog

Yesterday I was delighted to see that John L. Welch had given a shout-out onClipboard02 his very popular TTABlog to an article in my Ant-like Persistence blog.  This was in his TTABlog Flotsam and Jetsam, Issue No. 15.  If you’ve not already done so, you should subscribe to the TTABlog.  John was doing blogging before it was trendy, for over a decade now, and his blog has probably at least ten times as many followers as mine has.  So it’s very nice and very gracious for him to have linked to my blog.  I estimate that his link brought at least a hundred new viewers to my blog.

On the subject of intellectual property blogs, there are other important blogs that you should subscribe to.  These include the many sponsors of Meet the Bloggers, a moveable feast that has turned up at INTA meetings since the San Diego meeting in 2005.  John has sponsored Meet the Bloggers many times, as have:

I’d guess there will likely be an eleventh annual Meet the Bloggers reception at the INTA meeting in San Diego in 2015.

And of course if you have not already done so, you should subscribe to Dennis Crouch’s Patently-O Blog.

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