Two webinar recordings – dealing with USPTO’s massive system crash

When it became clear that the massive USPTO system crash was not going to end very soon, I very hurriedly prepared and presented two pop-up webinars:

  • How to file a US patent application by Priority Mail Express, and
  • How to respond to an Office Action at the USPTO by fax or mail

The first was at 10AM Mountain Time this past Friday, and the second was an hour later.

Many hundreds of people attended.  Given the short notice and trying conditions I think both webinars went pretty well.  (Maybe you attended one or both webinars, in which case I would be grateful if you could post a comment below.)

I managed to record both webinars and have uploaded them to Youtube.  Please understand the recordings are unedited and unpolished.  (For the Office Action response webinar, skip ahead to about 1:55;  for the e-filing webinar, skip ahead to about 1:01.)  But I offer the recordings here in case people might find them helpful during this very trying time:

The programs are CLE accredited in California and you might get lucky and might be able to obtain credit in your state using the Certificate of Attendance that is provided.  If so, please let me know at this link.



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  1. Carl,

    Any plans to do a refresher webinar on paper filing? If the government shutdown continues there is concern efs-web may also shut down and applicants may revert to ‘paper filing’ once again. Thoughts?


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