Upcoming webinars

Here are some webinars that I plan to offer in the next few weeks. If you want to be sure to hear about it when I schedule a particular webinar, please be sure to subscribe to this blog.  To hear about upcoming PCT-related webinars, be sure to subscribe as well to the PCT listserv.

  • Get Patents Fast
  • Don’t end up like the owner of that CRISPR patent
  • Docketing PCT
  • Picking a PCT Searching Authority
  • Picking a PCT Receiving Office
  • Making smart use of PCT Declarations
  • National phase or bypass continuation?
  • Sequence listings

Maybe there are other topics you would also like to see. If so, post a comment below or drop me an email.


3 Replies to “Upcoming webinars”

  1. I am also interested in any process for speeding up the prosecution of reissue patent applications.

  2. Reissue applications are automatically “special”. See MPEP § 1442:

    All reissue applications are taken up “special,” and remain “special” even if applicant does not respond promptly.

    All reissue applications, except those under suspension because of litigation or a pending trial before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), will be taken up for action ahead of other “special” applications; this means that all issues not deferred will be treated and responded to immediately.

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