USPTO provides a nice user feature in EPAS and ETAS

Those who, like me, often record assignments at the USPTO are accustomed to the steps that are required to e-file in EPAS (electronic patent assignment system) and ETAS (electronic trademark assignment system).  The steps include identifying the assignor and the assignee, and then comes the step of entering the properties for which the assignment is being recorded.   I am delighted to be able to report that USPTO has made this very user friendly for an assignment that applies to many properties.When you get to the page for entering the properties, there is a link (quoted above).  If you “click here” you see a new page like this:

This page lets you paste in a list of properties.  I used this feature a couple of days ago, pasting in a list of twenty properties.  It probably saved me twenty minutes of time.

USPTO not only provides this nice feature in EPAS, but also in ETAS.  So it benefits trademark filers as well as patent filers.

Kudos to the USPTO for getting this right!



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  1. I agree that this is a great feature, but it is not new. It’s been available for several years.

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