USPTO clears two Patentcenter trouble tickets

Quite by accident today I stumbled upon the good news that USPTO fixed two bugs in Patentcenter, permitting us to clear two Patentcenter trouble tickets today.  The cleared trouble tickets are:

  • CP1 — Web-based Form 85B loses initial capitalization for assignee city name (see article)
  • CP8 – Reel number displayed wrong (see article

The trouble ticket page has been updated accordingly.  This leaves twenty-one outstanding trouble tickets.

Of course what we can hope for is that eventually the Patentcenter developers will establish an outbound communications channel with the beta testing community, and will let us know when they fix a bug or add a requested feature.  Until then, it will be a matter of our stumbling upon the fact of a bug having been fixed or a desirable feature having been added.


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  1. Henry, thank you for posting. The way the trouble ticket system is set up, the only way a ticket gets cleared is if I clear it or one of our two volunteer beta tester helpers clears it. So yes, what happened here is the USPTO really did fix the two bugs. And then by accident we stumbled upon the good news that the USPTO had fixed the two bugs. And so then we cleared the two tickets in the ticket system.

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