USPTO current system status update

Clicking around in various USPTO e-commerce systems, I see no progress from yesterday.

  • IFW is still broken.
  • EFS-Web is still broken, both the main server and the contingency server.
  • TEAS is still broken.
  • ESTTA is still broken.

If you see progress with any of the systems, please post a comment here.  Thanks.

13 Replies to “USPTO current system status update”

  1. I just tested it and am able to access Private PAIR. I can pull up applications by both application and docket no.; however, the IFW tab is not visible. I was not able to access EFS-Web (Registered) or EFS-Web Contingency. The fax lines were up yesterday as we fax-filed a couple of responses.

  2. The only odd thing is that my 1/2015 digital certificate was renewed when I logged into the partially incapacitated Private PAIR Thursday night. However a colleague’s 8/2014 digital certificate got him into the partially incapacitated Private PAIR today without renewing.

  3. PAIR, PatFT, AppFT, and TESS are ** UP ** for patent & trademark searching. EFS-Web & TEAS still down for filing as of noon EST, 12/26.

  4. EFS-Web and TEAS were both up as of Dec. 27 mid afternoon, as I was able to use both for filings on existing applications.

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