Most USPTO patent fees will increase January 16

Most USPTO patent fees will increase, some rather substantially, on January 16, 2018.  You can see the Federal Register notice here.  Here are some examples of fee increases that will take effect on that day:

Fee Current Large Entity Fee New Large Entity  Fee Percent Increase
Forwarding an Appeal to the Board $2,000 $2,240 12%
Inter Partes Review Request – Up to 20 Claims $9,000 $15,500 72%

For day-to-day practitioners the most striking increase is for design patents:

Fee Current Large Entity Fee Final Rule Large Entity Fee Percent Increase
Design Filing Fee $180 $200 11%
Design Search Fee $120 $160 33%
Design Examination Fee $460 $600 30%
Design Issue Fee $560 $700 25%
Total $1,320 $1,660 26%

Almost all patent-related fees will increase on that day.  These include utility patent application fees, PCT fees, and Hague Agreement fees.

From this it will be appreciated that there is an opportunity to save some money by planning ahead.  If you were thinking about paying a fee on January 16, you might want to consider paying the fee a day earlier, on January 15.

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