Webinar: Worry-free use of ePCT with EFS-Web and e-filing PCT applications at the USPTO

Now the video recording is available for viewing.  Read about it here.

This webinar explains how and why it is that you no longer need to worry about whether it is okay to use ePCT when filing PCT applications at the USPTO. 

On May 6, 2016 the USPTO published a Federal Register notice warning filers against the use of ePCT in connection with filing of PCT applications at the USPTO. The notice identified an aspect of 37 CFR § 5.15 (the “Foreign Filing License rule”) which, as interpreted by the USPTO, supposedly put into question the circumstances in which a filer could use ePCT to generate a ZIP file for uploading to EFS-Web in the filing of a PCT application.

On September 30, 2020 the USPTO promulgated a change to 37 CFR § 5.15 which lifted this cloud over the use of ePCT.

In this webinar, I explain the many reasons why it is a Best Practice (and indeed always was a Best Practice, notwithstanding the 2016 Federal Register notice) to use ePCT whenever possible in the process of filing a PCT application at the USPTO. I explain what the cloud was that had been placed over ePCT in 2016, and I explain how and why that cloud has been lifted. I describe how to comply with Foreign Filing License rules in the filing of PCT applications, including use of RO/US or RO/IB, and including cases where you do or do not have an FFL from your priority application that is broad enough to cover the entirety of your PCT disclosure.

When?  This webinar will take place on Wednesday, April 7, 2021, at 10 AM Mountain Time.  The scheduled duration is 1½ hours.

Who should attend?   A chief target attendee is the person who has been scared about using ePCT ever since the USPTO published that Federal Register notice on May 6, 2016.  Hopefully by attending this webinar, you can overcome any fear you may have had during these past five years about running afoul of export control laws or foreign filing license violations, a fear that may have arisen because of the wording of the 2016 notice.

Another target attendee is the person who has known all along that it is a Best Practice to use ePCT to the full extent possible in all aspects of PCT filings, and who has not been able to do so because your supervisor or your client has been scared of using ePCT because of that 2016 Federal Register notice, and has told you that you are not allowed to use ePCT.  Hopefully by attending this webinar, you will be able to gain information that you can pass along to others such as that supervisor or client, to help them overcome their concerns.

Finally there may be some who were never aware of this 2016 Federal Register notice, but simply have not been using ePCT, and who keep hearing about ePCT and have reached a realization that there is probably something important and smart about using ePCT or otherwise people would not keep talking about ePCT all the time.  If you are in this category, please attend this webinar.  You can snooze through the part about why it was that in the past there were so many people who were scared to use ePCT, and when we get to the part about why it is smart to use ePCT now, you can perk up and you can learn why it is now a Best Practice to use ePCT as much as you can in all aspects of the PCT filing process.

Cost?  The webinar is free of charge.

How to register?  To register, click here.

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7 Replies to “Webinar: Worry-free use of ePCT with EFS-Web and e-filing PCT applications at the USPTO”

  1. Sorry that this is not really the correct place to comment (your webinar is irrelevant to me), as I am a European Patent Attorney and so file my PCT applications via the EPO or IB. However, because I have had no PCT filings for quite a while (I run a very small IP company), my access to ePCT was disabled last year. I assume that I should contact the ePCT authorities to get my account reactivated, but I know that the number of PCT applications that I file are highly irregular and sometimes infrequent. Do you think that I can get some dispensation to ensure that my ePCT access is not disabled again?

  2. One thing is, I will be doing some webinars in future that will likely be of interest to you and others who are not in the US. Hopefully I will also do some of them at times of day that are more convenient for you.

    As for your challenge of having lost ePCT access and hoping to get it working again, yes I would start by dropping an email message to the very nice people at the ePCT help desk at WIPO.

  3. Carl, this does not pertain to PCT, but I have a question whose answer may be of interest to others. I worked with a recently -deceased attorney for some years, and he included my name + phone in the Customer number used for powers of attorney in U.S. apps he filed. MPEP says that when a solo attorney dies, any powers to him expire also (pun intended), as well as powers to other attorneys “he may have appointed.” I interpret the latter as pertaining to associate powers of attorney, which are no longer OK, so the issue is, are attorneys listed on a deceased attorney’s Customer Number still considered to have powers of attorneys in such apps? Patent examiners and others I’ve encountered seem unsure of the status, but having the answer would be helpful, and perhaps a cautionary tale for one of your listserv’s. Thanks & best regards, Jim Poole, (970) 472-5061

  4. Good morning,

    I would like to attend but I may have a scheduling conflict. My understanding is this workshop is being held on April 7th at 10:00 am. This would be 8:00 AM EST time and 11:00 AM Central Time, correct?

    Will you be holding a second workshop on another date?

    1. The webinar will take place at 10AM Mountain Time on Wednesday, April 7th. You can click on the registration link and then click on “show in my time zone”. You can then select your own time zone from a drop-down list. The registration system will carry out the admittedly complicated calculation of time zones for you, displaying the webinar start time in your own time zone. Later if you choose to register, the system will offer to add it to your calendar and it will appear in your calendar in your own time zone.

      For those who are on the East Coast, I can confirm that the start time will be noon Eastern Time. For those who are in the Central Time Zone, I can confirm that the start time will be 11AM Central time. For those who are in the Pacific Time Zone, I can confirm that the start time will be 9AM Pacific Time.

      1. Thank you for your reply. I have a scheduling conflict at that time. Will this webinar be presented on another date in the future? If not is there any way to watch a recorded version?

        Thank you!

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