Webinars to learn about ePCT

Those who handle pending US patent applications are well aware that it is impossible to carry out one’s work competently without knowing how to use Private PAIR to view pending US patent applications and to check the status of such applications. Likewise one needs to know how to use EFS-Web to file new patent applications and to file follow-on papers.

ePCT is the mechanism for viewing pending PCT applications and for checking the status of such applications. ePCT is an important part of the filing of new PCT patent applications and is a crucial part of the filing of follow-on papers in PCT applications.

It is thus extremely important to learn how to use ePCT.  ePCT is extraordinarily feature rich. Here are four webinars which together will explore the 20% or so of the ePCT features which you will use 80% of the time.

To find out more, and to register for the webinars, click here.

Use coupon “blogpct17” to get a discount on each of the four webinars.   Please note that the coupon expires Monday, November 13.

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  1. Please see the brochure page which says:

    Will recordings be available later? We are often asked whether a recording of the webinar will be available later. The answer is “we don’t know”. We often try to record a webinar. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we screw it up. If we do succeed in recording the webinar, it will take some time for us to edit the recording for suitable playback. The viewing of such recordings, if possible at all, will not be included in the registration fee for this webinar. The viewing of such recordings, if possible at all, will be a separately purchased item on this shopping cart.

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