What does TYFNIL mean?

Recently in the Design Listserv a Paris Convention question arose.  The question was, under Article 4 of the Paris Convention, could a design application claim priority from an earlier utility application?  It’s a good question and if you have any thoughts about this, I urge you to join that listserv and share your thoughts.

But what prompts this blog article is the initialism “TYFNIL”.  (It is not an acronym.)  A listserv member pointed out that even if the Office examining the design application were to find nothing wrong with such a priority claim, the owner of the design protection would never really know for sure where they stood until TYFNIL.  What does that mean?  TYFNIL means “ten years from now in litigation”.

Oh and in case anybody wonders, yes I am the person who coined that initialism.  I think I coined it about a decade ago.

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