Where is your EV or PHEV charging port?

I am hoping to collect some fairly comprehensive information about where the charging ports are on EVs and PHEVs that are used in the US.

At this article you can see information about charging port locations on European vehicles.  My hope is to do the same for America vehicles.

Are you in the US?  Do you have an EV or a PHEV?  If so, I would be very grateful if you could share the location of your charging port.  To respond, click here.

The questionnaire also asks if you have an EV charger at home, and whether you have any adapters for charging at other kinds of charging stations.

Thank you for helping.

2 Replies to “Where is your EV or PHEV charging port?”

  1. I do not have an EV nor could I, b/c I live I the city and do not have a usable driveway, so there is nowhere to plug in a car. I love that the president wants to move to all EV,s but for people who have to park on the street, it is not going to work.

    1. You are absolutely right about this situation. For most people who own cars, the only workable and economical way to own and use an EV is to have a charger at home. This way you can charge using relatively inexpensive electricity. Not only that, maybe the homeowner is able to cover the roof with solar panels, in which case the car could be charged using electricity from the solar panels.

      I have by now installed something like eleven home car chargers (blog article). Every time I install one of these chargers, I am reminded how different it must be for the people who park their car on the street or who otherwise do not have some controlled place where they could install a car charger.

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