5¾ hours of Patent Cooperation Treaty!

W.C. Fields famously joked about a sweepstakes in which first prize was a week in Philadelphia … and second prize was two weeks in Philadelphia.  Well, here the second prize is listening to me drone on via Youtube for 5¾ hours about the Patent Cooperation Treaty.  Free of charge, other than the risk of nodding off.

Seriously, last week was yet another of the Schwegman firm’s love letters to the patent community.  A two-day Global IP Conference in San Jose, provided free of charge to everyone including Schwegman’s competitors.  And complete with CLE accreditation in several states.  The second day was a full day of Patent Cooperation Treaty, taught by yours truly.  You can see the the reviews of the program here.  A three-page summary followed by the full reviews.  If you wish you had attended but missed it, keep in mind that back in January I told you to save the date and in February I told you to register for the program.  (Yes, maybe what that means is that if you have not already done so, you should subscribe to this blog.)

The main point of today’s post is that the Schwegman firm was efficient and managed to record the whole day of PCT.  And they have made the recordings available to you on Youtube, again free of charge.  The full day of this admittedly sometimes dry subject matter is provided in four videos as follows.  For each video I show the duration of the recording and a summary of the topics.

Part 1 – 1:09

  • Why we use the PCT
  • Paris Convention
  • Online resources for PCT

Part 2 – 1:29

  • Selecting a Receiving Office
  • Selecting an International Searching Authority
  • Identifying priority claims
  • Filing with formal drawings

Part 3 – 1:14

  • General aspects of building the Request
  • Steps to follow using ePCT
  • e-filing in RO/US
  • e-filing in RO/IB
  • Docketing PCT
  • Invitations to pay additional fees
  • Article 19 amendment
  • Demand and Article 34 amendment
  • Picking an IPEA
  • 92bis requests
  • Entry into national phase
  • National phase versus bypass continuation

Part 4 – 1:54

  • Handing in the Inventor Declaration
  • Walking corpse patents
  • Restriction Requirements
  • Patent Prosecution Highway
  • Getting older applications loaded into ePCT
  • Restoration of the Right of Priority
  • Incorporation by Reference
  • Filing strategies and scenarios
  • Important resources

4 Replies to “5¾ hours of Patent Cooperation Treaty!”

  1. The course is a great refresher! One nit pick so far, in part 1 at time of 39:32, on the slide “A typical sequence of events for a PCT application,” bullet 2 should probably be amended to read “(priority date plus twelve months).”

    1. Yes that’s exactly right. The slide I wrote says “plus three” and you are right I should have written “plus twelve”.
      I corrected that in the slide deck for the future, but in the video it will be there forever!
      Thank you.

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