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Getting a US passport renewed promptly

The US State Department says that an “expedited” passport renewal by mail has a processing time of 7-9 weeks.  I recently had the good fortune to get a renewal done by mail in less than a month.   My renewal papers got delivered to the State Department on August 16, 2023, and I had my new passport in hand on September 15, 2023.   Here are things that probably helped.  Continue reading “Getting a US passport renewed promptly”

What reel and frame numbers have to do with bitcoin and blockchain and shared ledgers

For their entire careers, US patent and trademark practitioners have lived and breathed a world of “reel and frame numbers” that are somehow intimately connected with the recordation of patent and trademark assignments.  What exactly are reel and frame numbers, and how is it that reel and frame numbers relate closely with bitcoin and blockchain and shared ledgers?  Continue reading “What reel and frame numbers have to do with bitcoin and blockchain and shared ledgers”

What is an EVSE and why do we care?

What is the device shown in the photograph at right? My quick answer, and you might say the same thing, is that it is “an EV charger”. But my quick answer is wrong. The device shown at right is a mere “EVSE”, not an “EV charger”. This fact, it turns out, explains why a Hyundai Kona charges at a mere 26 miles per hour, when plugged into this 48-amp device, instead of as much as 42 or 43 miles per hour the way some other EV might do.   See a blog article about this.

Which GL.iNet routers provide VLAN wifi client isolation?

The question presented (and answered) here is “which GL.iNet routers provide VLAN wifi client isolation?”  This is likely to be of interest to those who want to set up VLAN protection in their home or small office local area network.  The idea would be to relegate relatively untrusted IOT (internet-of-things) devices to a separate VLAN from the main VLAN of trusted devices, but in addition, to isolate the untrusted IOT wifi clients from each other.  On this page you can see the results of my actual testing as to which GL.iNet routers provide this isolation feature, and which do not.

Replace all four tires?

Many owners of all-wheel-drive vehicles have had it drummed into their heads that if you find the need to replace one tire, the only correct way to proceed is to replace all four tires.  But if your vehicle is a “dual motor” EV, that’s wrong.   You can get away with replacing just two tires.  See blog article.

The Osborne Effect and Tesla superchargers

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Four car makers (Ford, General Motors, Rivian, and now Volvo) have announced that starting about a year from now, their newly manufactured EVs will have a charging port that permits charging at Tesla supercharging stations.  This will doubtless trigger the Osborne Effect (blog article).