ISA/SG fee to increase on November 1, 2017

The fee that ISA/SG charges per invention to carry out a PCT search will increase on November 1, 2017.  The fee charged in US dollars will increase from $1552 to $1645.

This will leave unchanged the ranking by cost for the searching authorities available to those who file in the US receiving office:

  • ISA/US – $2080 (large entity)
  • ISA/EP – $1992
  • ISA/AU – $1688
  • ISA/SG – $1552 (changing to $1645)
  • ISA/JP – $1372
  • ISA/KR – $1114
  • ISA/US – $1040 (small entity)
  • ISA/IL – $963
  • ISA/US – $520 (micro entity)
  • ISA/RU – $482

Both before and after the November 1 fee change, the ranking by cost of ISA/SG will fall between that of ISA/AU and ISA/JP.

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2 thoughts on “ISA/SG fee to increase on November 1, 2017

  1. Carl,
    Do you have any current data on how well these ISA’s comply these days with their 3 month deadline?
    In my limited recent experience, KR & IL are spot on. I’m nearing the deadline on a US report, so can’t yet say about that. Haven’t used the others.
    Guy Manning
    Fort Worth.

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