Trademark Office misses a chance to demand that a trademark owner reveal where it sleeps at night

As I have pointed out in earlier blog articles, the Trademark Office has been very inquisitive as to the street address where its trademark applicants sleep at night.  I have also pointed out in earlier blog articles that to the extent the Trademark Office wants to be consistent and thorough about this, the Trademark Office should not discard the CMRA information which USPS provides to the Trademark Office.  

The Trademark Office looks up every address of every trademark applicant in the USPS’s address verification API, and the USPS returns not only a verified address, but also a data field that reveals whether that address is or is not a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency.  In other words the USPS rats out the applicant that is using a post office box or a UPS Store or a Mailboxes Etc. to avoid revealing where he or she or it sleeps at night.

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Here is a concrete example of the Trademark Office passing up a chance to force an applicant to reveal to the Trademark Office where it sleeps at night.  It is US trademark application number 88745070 which you can see here.  When USPTO looked up the applicant’s address, the USPS said “Y” in the CMRA field, as you can see here.  In fact this address is a post office address.  101 West Goodwin Street is a US post office, and the number 3849 is the post office box of the applicant.

But the Trademark Office discarded that information.  The Trademark Office has mailed an Office Action that says nothing about the need for the applicant to reveal to the Trademark Office where it sleeps at night.

I wonder whether the Trademark Office, subsequent to the posting of this blog article, will mail another Office Action requiring the applicant to reveal to the Trademark Office where it sleeps at night?

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