Diatomic carbon

One of my pastimes is trying to guess which sound bites, if uttered at a cocktail party, might lead to the turning of heads and might lead to other party guests clustering around with great interest.  (See past blog articles.)  Here is another:  diatomic carbon. 


Okay three’s a pattern.  Now we are up to the third time in recent days that I am writing a blog article directed to some particular word that I think is interesting.  We talked about “regolith” and we talked about “orthostat“.  Today’s word is “anosmia”. Anosmia is a word that we sort of wish we …

What the four things have in common

Yesterday I offered a quiz to my loyal readers.  Which readers could figure out what these four things had in common?  Today I announce the winners and I offer some discussion and explanation as to how these four things are really very nearly exactly the same.

A smart thing that USPTO customers should do now

(Please also see a followup blog article here.) Those who make use of Private PAIR and EFS-Web are accustomed to USPTO’s very clunky way of accomplishing two-factor authentication, namely the poorly designed Entrust Java Applet (EJA).  USPTO has now formally announced (see excerpt at right from a slide in a USPTO webinar yesterday) that it …

USPTO closed Monday February 16

Just a reminder that the USPTO will be closed on Monday, February 16.  This is Washington’s Birthday* which is a federal holiday. Anything that you might need to do by February 16 to satisfy some USPTO due date may be postponed until Tuesday, February 17 and will still be timely.