A better videoconferencing approach than Zoom

These days everybody seems to use Zoom for videoconferencing.   But it is all over the news that Zoom has many privacy issues and security issues.  This has prompted tech writers to write articles such as The best alternatives to Zoom for videoconferencing.  Some of the alternatives cost a lot of money.  One of them requires that everyone be using Apple products.  One of them works only for two participants.  Most of the services pass the video and audio streams through a server controlled by the service provider and you do not know who might be eavesdropping on the streams.

And then there’s Jitsi, which is what I recommend.  Jitsi is open-source, and it is encrypted, and you can host it yourself.  Our firm recently set up our own Jitsi server.  So we can host our own Jitsi videoconferences at a cost per minute of zero and a cost per month of zero, and the connections are about as secure as any videoconference could possibly be.  But even if you use the public Jitsi server (“Jitsi Meet“), you are still far better off in terms of privacy and security than if you were to use Zoom.

Have you used Jitsi?  Would you like to try out our firm’s Jitsi server?  Please post a comment below.

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