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    1. The link goes to another blog, containing (at this moment) one “Inaugural Post”, written in recognizable style of the host of this blog. If hack is being used in the sense that some imposter has managed to post a reference to another blog that has nothing to do with our congenial host, the hacker has done a fabulous job of impersonating him.

      1. It’s the real deal.
        I just sort of worry about ticking off the owner of the company.
        See also https://www.tesla-s-owner.com/ which is also sort of unsigned for the same reasons.
        The purpose of the links is basically so that the Google crawlers will find them and index them.

        1. Thanks, Neil! I was reluctant to click on a link I found suspicious. The brevity, the superfluous space before the second period…

          But now that you (and Carl) have confirmed its authenticity, it certainly is Carl’s inimitable style. The Powerwall user blog is even more interesting to me.

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