Are you a practitioner in Silicon Valley? Did you not receive this post card?

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Recently I mailed post cards to nearly all of the people in Silicon Valley who are admitted to practice before the USPTO.  This was about 4000 post cards.

By  now, about 400 of these post cards have been returned to sender as undeliverable.   Ten percent!

For each of these mailing addresses, it means the practitioner’s address with the Office of Enrollment and Discipline is undeliverable.  As I flip quickly through this stack of several hundred returned cards, I see names of very well known law firms and very well known high-tech companies.

So the point of this post is that if you did not receive one of these post cards, you might want to look in the the OED database to see if your mailing address with the OED is out of date.

If you are located outside of Silicon Valley and you know someone who is a registered practitioner in Silicon Valley, you might want to ask them if they did not receive the post card, in which case they might want to look in the OED database to see if they need to update their address.

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