Listening to my podcasts on your Amazon Echo

I launched my new podcast server two days ago, and I immediately did what every person does nowadays when they launch a podcast server, which is to submit the “feed” to the well-established aggregators and directory services.  These include iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn, and others.  Then it’s a matter of sitting and waiting for each of them to “approve” the feed.  I gather that it sometimes takes two weeks for iTunes to carry out its review of a new feed for approval.

Anyway, I see that TuneIn has now picked up my “feed” as you can see here:

But what’s interesting is that Alexa has the TuneIn “skill”.  This means that you can play my podcasts on your Amazon Echo.  I guess maybe if you are very very lucky you might be able to get Alexa to play my podcasts by voice commands.  (I was not able to get that to work for my podcasts.)  But this article in CNET says that the way to play the episode that you really want is to go to your Alexa app on your smart phone, then click on Menu and Music & Books and TuneIn and then drill down to the particular episode that you want to hear.  You can then play that particular episode on your Amazon Echo.

If you somehow figure out the voice command to play one of my podcasts, please post the secret below.

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