Are you in one of these 13 countries?

Are you in one of these 13 countries?

    1. Austria
    2. Denmark
    3. Estonia
    4. Eurasian Patent Organization (yes I realize this is not a country)
    5. Georgia
    6. Iran (Islamic Republic of)
    7. Italy
    8. Latvia
    9. Monaco
    10. Morocco
    11. New Zealand
    12. Republic of Korea
    13. Türkiye

If so, can you please let me know whether your DAS Depositing Office charges a fee for a DAS access code?  Please see this page where I am trying to collect all of the answers that kind readers have provided.

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  1. Dear Carl,
    Mexico does not “expressly” charge a fee for issuing the DAS code, but it will make you request certified copies of the specification when asking for it. So in the end we do end up paying for the code.

    1. Thank you. Can you tell me how much money is charged? And is the fee the same for each type of application?

      • National industrial design applications
      • National patent applications
      • National utility model applications
      • PCT international applications
  2. Hello,
    Japan issues DAS codes for free of charge for national patent appliations, utility model applications, and national design applications, indicating DAS code on filing receipts. PCT applications as RO/JP are not covered yet by their DAS issuing system.

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