Argentina’s patent office will soon join DAS

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The National Institute of Industrial Property of Argentina (“INPI-AR”) will soon join the DAS system.

INPI-AR will begin operating as an Accessing Office in DAS starting October 1, 2019.  INPI-AR will begin operating as a Depositing Office in DAS starting March 2, 2020.

This welcome development will bring the number of participating DAS Offices to twenty-four.

3 Replies to “Argentina’s patent office will soon join DAS”

    1. There used to not be a PCT. Before 1978 there was no PCT. And yet, even before 1978, a patent applicant filing in a second country needed to be able to file a certified copy of a priority application from a first country. In other words DAS is not a PCT thing at all.

      One of the chief reasons for existence of DAS is to facilitate filings that are not taking place through PCT. This could be an industrial design filing, for example. Or a utility filing carried out through Paris rather than through PCT.

      But yes of course it will be very much welcome news when Argentina deposits its instrument of accession to the PCT.

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