A classy inexpensive fountain pen

I like fountain pens.  I’ve always liked fountain pens.  Many fountain pens are expensive.  And many fountain mujipens are heavy and bulky because they are thick.  I’ve just stumbled upon this elegant and inexpensive pen made mostly of aluminum.  It writes well and costs just $18.  

This pen, which I really like, is made by a Japanese company called Muji.  Here’s how the company describes its mission:

… we do not make objects to entice responses of strong affinity, like, “This is what I really want” or, “I must have this.”  MUJI’s goal is to give customers a rational satisfaction, expressed not with, “This is what I really want” but with “This will do.” “This is what I really want” expresses both faint egoism and discord, while “This will do” expresses conciliatory reasoning.

One place to get a Muji fountain pen is on Amazon.  Or stop by a Muji store in New York or California.

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