EFS-Web seems to be back online

EFS-Web seems to be back online today, December 27.

As we all recall, EFS-Web crashed on the afternoon of Tuesday, December 22.  In my case I was in the middle of trying to file a design patent application when it crashed.  Fortunately I had been doing frequent saved submissions during that project.  Today when I logged in at EFS-Web, my saved submission was there.  I completed the submission and clicked submit and paid the fees.  As far as I know, it worked.

I say “as far as I know” because unfortunately Private PAIR is not working.  So if you e-file a new application in EFS-Web, you are not able to check in PAIR to make sure it came through okay.

But anyway it is good news that USPTO seems to have gotten EFS-Web back online.

It’s perhaps too soon to assume that EFS-Web will continue to be working.  Private PAIR worked for about a day (albeit without an IFW tab) and then stopped working.  And now Public PAIR is working with an IFW tab.

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  1. Good news — but would it kill them to update the status updates section of *their* blog? It’s a bit sad that your blog has more up-to-date information than the PTO’s does.

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