Extra light? No extra light?

Hello folks.  Can you tell me, please, your opinion about whether or not I need extra light for my lecture cam?  Tomorrow I will launch a series of fifteen webinars about the PCT.  It turns out that the hosting platform that the organizers will use has a place for a postage-stamp sized live video of the presenter (me) in the corner.  So I feel like I should pay attention to how the web cam looks.


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What you see on the left is how it looks if the only light in the room is ordinary ambient room light, from ceiling cans.  What you see on the right is the ambient light but also two bright lights of about 1500 lumens each, one to the left of the web cam and one to the right of the web cam.  They are both a very warm yellow-orange color temperature. 

Please click here to vote on whether you think no extra light is needed or extra light is needed.



6 Replies to “Extra light? No extra light?”

  1. The extra light helps. Dispels shadows on your face.
    But you might try it with a lighter colored shirt, too.
    Not that black looks bad on you; quite the contrary. But it fades into the background.

  2. I think the extra light helps, although to my eye it makes the image a bit washed out. That could be an artifact of the low res image from your camera, however.

  3. Ambient light only has shadows that are distracting, extra light is better, but rather yellowish.

    Perhaps some crumpled and straightened out aluminum foil over the desk/table/lectern surface to serve asa reflector to lighten the shadows?

  4. The extra light looks like the wrong color temperature for your complexion. Try bouncing the added light off of a white or warm-colored surface.

    No matter what the lighting we are looking forward to your webinars!!

  5. I would recommend a different light setup with more total light to cause you to pop out from the background–you may have to tweak the webcam settings to get the skin tone back to normal. Wearing glasses, I’ve had success with one light about 30 degrees forward on each side, each light having the same color temperature.

    Looking forward to the webinar series. I expect to be mostly listening to it.

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