Upcoming ePCT webinars (not the same as upcoming PCT webinars)

Update:  the webinars are now imminent.  See a followup article.

Hello dear ePCT enthusiasts!  Here are fifteen upcoming webinars that I will be presenting in the next few months on ePCT topics.  Note that this is not the same as the upcoming fifteen webinars about PCT.  This is fifteen upcoming webinars about ePCT.  Note the “e”. I have not yet picked dates and times for these webinars.  If you don’t want to miss out on the future opportunity to register for these webinars, be sure that you are either subscribed to this blog or subscribed to the PCT listserv (or both).

  • Intro to ePCT, why ePCT is important, getting a user ID and password, setting up 2FA
  • Making sure your US priority documents are available to DAS, best practices for filing US priority documents, Certificates of Availability, setting up alerts
  • Handshakes, eOwners, eEditors, eViewers, access rights groups, employee first day of work, employee last day of work
  • Shared address books, collaborative workflow, sharing with clients, sharing with outside counsel
  • Getting to know your ePCT workbench, portfolios, office profiles, cloning, ePCT actions
  • Getting pending PCT applications into your workbench, going back to January 1, 2009, archiving old applications
  • filing a new US PCT application in RO/US using ePCT
  • filing a new US PCT application in RO/IB using ePCT
  • ePCT actions and communications with the IB
  • External signatures and PCT declarations
  • sequence listings and ePCT
  • using ePCT to e-file in ISAs and IPEAs, filing Demands
  • doing 92bis changes
  • docketing of PCT applications and making use of ePCT notifications
  • Publication front page preview, generating reports of outstanding Forms ISA/202, generating reports of applications with outstanding priority documents

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  1. Someone asked in the Q&A section of Session 7 if you would be presenting a seminar for Beginners in PCT and you mentioned that maybe you should do so. This would be extremely helpful to me! PLEASE present to us newbies so we understand the whole process. Thank you so much! Your seminars are very informative!!!

  2. Have the dates for these seminars been announced? I am subscribed to the PCT mailing list, but some of the list traffic is not delivered to my mailbox, so I’m not sure if I missed the announcement.

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