9 Replies to “Not a fake date in IFW”

  1. I have had instances where we have received official correspondence from USPTO and even WIPO where the official mailing date is later than the mailing date we received/retrieved. I had previously called the USPTO about this very issue and was informed that the official mailing date was their target date for transmitting the official correspondence but there procedures are to process correspondence quickly and he admitted that there are occasions when the correspondence is available before the official mailing date.

  2. I’m confused. The date on the images say January 25, 2019. That’s last year. The future would be January 25, 2020, right?

  3. Does not appear to be a future date at all, but last year. Appears that application was filed December 2018 and the priority document was retrieved January 2019. Seems reasonable to me.

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