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We have moved our speed test server from our Westminster office to our dedicated server in Arizona.  The connection between our speed test server and the Internet is much faster now.  For users of the speed test who have slow Internet connections, you will likely not notice any difference from this change.  But if your Internet connection is fast (if your downstream connection is faster than about 35 megabits per second), the results from a speed test from our Westminster office would have been misleading because our upstream bandwidth was only about 35 megabits per second.  In other words, until now you would never have seen a downstream speed on this speed test faster than about 35 megabits per second no matter how fast your own internet connection actually was.

If your downstream Internet connection is a lot faster than 35 megs, I invite you to try your usual speed test (Speakeasy, perhaps) and our speedtest, and see if they report comparable speeds now, with particular attention to the downstream and upstream speeds.  Please post a comment below.

While we are on the subject of test servers that our firm provides to you, I would like to remind you of our voice-over-IP test server.  You can dial +1 720 230 1331 to reach it.  The idea is that maybe you just got done configuring a VOIP telephone extension and you would like to check to see if it is successfully getting through the NAT servers that might fail to pass your RTP or SRTP packets.  So you can dial our server’s telephone number and punch 4 to do an echo test.  You can speak and your voice will be repeated back to you.  Or maybe you would like to check to see if you have made a good choice of protocol for transmitting DTMF tones from your newly configured telephone.  You can punch 5 to do a DTMF test.

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  1. Oppedahl Speedtest to Chicago, 23Jan2020:
    Down 93.57 Mbps, Up 18.86 Mbps, Ping 80.09, Jitter 1.96
    Our test from & to Chicago:
    Down 89.6 Mbps, Up 18.2 Mbps; Ping 10 ms; Jitter 11 ms; Loss 0%

  2. I pay for 150/15 FIber to the Home service in Le Mars, IA, a small town in NW Iowa.

    Oppedahl Speedtest: Down 83, Up 4, Ping 72 – This was the best of 4 runs with wide variation (including hung and no completion)
    Speakeasy (Chicago Server): Down 146, Up 15
    Speedtest.net (Server 15 mi away): Down 148, Up 15, Ping 2

    1. This also provides a reminder that if the server that you are connecting to is further away, it won’t be as fast. Still I am delighted to see a downstream speed of 83 megs from our server. In its previous location that test would have been unable to show any result faster than about 35 megs.

      Thank you for posting.

  3. Speedtest.net, Server in Rosh HaAyin (almost 150 km), Ping 15 ms, Down 30.3, Up 2.02
    Oppedahl Speedtest (Arizona – distance 12,180 km), several tests:
    Down 10.44, up 2.19, Ping 234.24, Jitter 12.62
    Down 15.14, up 2.23, Ping 237.97, Jiter 10.53
    Down 16.30, up 0.2, Ping 238.02, Jitter 11.47

    1. Thank you for posting. I guess I should not be surprised that doing a speed test at a server that is on the other side of the globe might be slower (10-16 megs rather than 30 megs downstream) and more latent (230 milliseconds rather than 15 milliseconds).

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