ISA/RU search fee for US filers increases today

It will be recalled (see blog post of November 3, 2017) that the search fee to be paid by a US filer selecting ISA/RU was scheduled for a fee increase today, December 6, 2017.

The fee increase, from $482 to $698, has indeed taken place.

You do not need to worry about accidentally paying the incorrect fee amount, because EFS-Web and ePCT have both been updated to reflect this new fee amount.

As of today the various searching authorities available to those who file in RO/US, ranked by the amount of the search fee, are:

  • EP – $2238
  • US – $2080
  • AU – $1688
  • SG – $1552
  • JP – $1372
  • KR – $1114
  • US – $1040 (small entity)
  • IL – $963
  • RU – $698
  • US – $520 (micro entity)

There are many factors in addition to price which a filer might wish to take into account when selecting an International Searching Authority.

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