Joining the DAS club – Eurasian Patent Office

Logo of the Eurasian Patent Office

The intellectual property community benefits each time another Office joins the Digital Access Service (DAS).

The good news is that on November 1, 2017, the Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) will join DAS.

EAPO will participate with DAS in both directions:

  • as a depositing Office, and
  • as an accessing Office.

The participation will include color documents as well as gray scale and black and white documents.

This is very good news.

Perhaps the biggest patent office (in terms of volume of patent filings) that has not yet joined DAS is the European Patent OfficeHere is a set of slides which EPO presented in May of 2015.  At slide 8, the EPO said:

It will surely be a welcome development when EPO joins DAS.

Another welcome development will be when EUIPO joins DAS, which will facilitate exchange of priority documents for the purpose of industrial design applications.

(See followup article on EPO’s plans to join DAS.)

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