Learn about some advanced PCT in New York on November 8

There’s a special opportunity to learn some advanced PCT in Manhattan on November 8.  Yours truly is the instructor.

The course is Patent Administration II: Building on a Solid Foundation, a sequel to Patent Resources Group’s trusted course for patent support professionals.  Early registration pricing is available through October 22.  For more information or to register, click here.

This course is intended for patent Support Professionals who have taken PRG’s Patent Administration:  A Foundation for Success course or who have at least 3 years’ experience. It is a four-day course and I will be teaching day 4, including these topics:

  • Knowing when and how to file PCT Declarations with a PCT Application
  • Leveraging use of the Patent Prosecution Highway with PCT
  • Use of the new Collaborative Search and Examination program in PCT
  • Using ePCT to send SFD’s (subsequently filed documents) to International Searching Authorities
  • Advanced use of the WIPO DAS (document access service) including Certificates of Availability and setting up Alerts

This program includes an office-by-office discussion of the various PCT Declarations such as declaration number 2 (entitlement to file) and declaration number 3 (entitlement to claim priority).  So far as I know, no PCT course has ever until now treated PCT Declarations in such detail.  This is a unique and first-time opportunity for patent support professionals to learn really advanced patent topics including really advanced PCT topics.

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