Most popular page on OPLF’s web site?

There are several hundred pages on the web site of Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC at  For the first time in some months I clicked around a bit in our visitor statistics, and found that one particular page on our law firm web site is ten times more popular than any other page on our law firm web site.  (I am talking about here, not astonished me in two different ways.  It astonished me first because I did not think the ratio would be so extreme — that the most popular page would be ten times more popular than the second-place page.

But it also astonished me because the page that turned out to be the most popularvoltmeter was not at all the page that I would have guessed.  It is a very plain and boring page with no graphics, no interesting design elements, and you can’t even get to it very easily by clicking.  Stated differently, the page is a somewhat obscure page on our web site.  I’d guess that most people who reach this page get there from search engines, not by clicking around from somewhere else on our web site.

Now on most web sites I can imagine that the home page might be the page that gets visited most.  And might even be ten times more popular than any other page.  But that is not how it worked out here.  This page on our web site that is ten times more popular than any other page on our web site is not the home page.

In a couple of days I will reveal the identity of this web page.   But between now and then, if somebody can guess which page it is (maybe try some Google searches?), post the guess in the comments below.  If you guess right, you will win an OPLF voltmeter.


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  1. Alexa ( does page ranking, etc. It has for a long time. So it probably had a good idea of what is popular on your website.

    Specifics for can be found at Alexa by going here: . It lists the words “trademark classes” as being the number one keyword (currently at 38.18%). The words “private pair” are number two at 7.05%. But then the third, fourth and fifth most popular keywords are “trademark class”, “international trademark classes” and “trademark international classes”. So the “trademark classes” seems like a likely candidate for a page that is hugely popular with any search engine driven traffic.

    Then a quick Google search for: trademark classes oppedahl, results in the page at: being number one. Having a quick look there, I saw that it is “plain and boring page with no graphics”. So it seemed like it fit the bill.

    Cool on the voltmeter!

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