NAPP will meet with USPTO people on Monday about Patent Center

Update:  the meeting took place (blog article).

The USPTO’s planned shutdown of PAIR and EFS-Web will be this coming Tuesday, November 7 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time (see countdown clock).  The National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP) wrote a letter to USPTO Director Kathi Vidal on October 31, 2023 (blog article), asking the USPTO to postpone the shutdown of PAIR and EFS-Web.  In response to this letter, Commissioner for Patents Vaishali Udupa has invited NAPP to meet with her and her colleagues about Patent Center on Monday, November 6.  Others attending from the USPTO will be Deputy Commissioner for Patent Administration Richard Seidel, Richard Fernandez, and Tony Uranga.  Attending on behalf of NAPP will be its president, Rich Baker, and its vice president, Dan Smith.  The meeting will take place at 11AM Eastern Time.

It will be fascinating to hear about the results of the meeting.

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