Nice article in WIPO’s PCT Newsletter

If you have not already done so, you should of course subscribe to the PCT Newsletter published by WIPO.  (To sign up, click here.)  The PCT Newsletter comes out monthly and it is very for anyone who uses the PCT.   The newsletters have several kinds of very helpful information.  For example …

Upcoming PCT Seminars.  Each issue has a calendar of upcoming PCT Seminars, and this lets you plan ahead for your PCT training opportunities.  As you can see in the current issue, I will be teaching about PCT several times in the next few months, including:

  • Glendale, California on June 6
  • Atlanta, Georgia on September 19
  • Des Moines, Iowa on October 3-4
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 7
  • Cary, North Carolina on November 21-22

Practical Advice.  A particularly helpful section of each PCT Newsletter is the Practical Advice column.  This column will pick some topic in PCT practice and will discuss it in depth, often pointing out a way to be really smart about some step in the PCT process, or a trap for the unwary.

The current issue has a Practical Advice column entitled Possible implications of submitting informal drawings when filing the international application which was prompted by my blog article Filing informal drawings in a PCT application.  The Practical Advice column is written better than what I wrote!  The overall tone of the column is nicer and more friendly to the reader than what I wrote, and the column mentions the ePCT preview function which I did not think to mention.

WIPO also provides a very helpful search function to look up past Practical Advice articles.

The main point here is that if you have not already done so you should subscribe to WIPO’s PCT Newsletter.

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