Patentcenter feature request: direct link from “success” page to documents page

One of the things that I always do after I have e-filed something in Patentcenter is to go and look in IFW to see just what USPTO received from me.  I want to check it to make sure I filed what I meant to file.  I want to make sure that the PDF image did not get degraded or converted to a blank page (as occasionally happens).  And in most cases I want to download what the USPTO received from me and send it to the client so that the client can see exactly what the USPTO received.  

This requires copying an application number and doing multiple mouse clicks, and eventually reaching a screen where I can paste in the application number and then click some more to get to IFW.  And only then am I able to see what the USPTO received from me in the e-filing.

So here’s the feature request.  On the “success” page where Patentcenter says I have successfully e-filed something, can there please be a “deep link” that goes directly to the IFW screen for the particular patent application in which I just e-filed something?

I could then for example right-click on it and open a new page and I could see what the USPTO received from me.

This is Patentcenter feature request FR2.

Would you find this feature helpful?  Please post a comment below.

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  1. Similarly, after I have filed an application, there is a link to EPAS that allows for immediate filing of an assignment wherein the pertinent fields are already populated. I use that almost always. I have not yet filed an application through PatentCenter, but I would very much like to have that feature preserved.

    1. I think I just learned something.

      Let’s see if I understand this. So you are in EFS-Web, you file a patent application, and the “success” page has a link to EPAS with the newly assigned application number already populated? If so, can you also load your template with stuff like your filer’s address and stuff?

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