PCT-SAFE — one more step towards oblivion

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One of the reasons why filers need to start learning to use ePCT (if they have not done so already) is that some day PCT-SAFE will be gone.  Yesterday, PCT-SAFE took one more step towards oblivion. 

Yesterday, the European Patent Office announced that as from July 1, 2020, the RO/EP will no longer accept the filing of applications by means of PCT-SAFE.  See Annex C to the PCT Applicant’s Guide, quoted above.  A previous Office that dropped support for PCT-SAFE was RO/CN on March 1, 2020.  Here is the ever-shrinking list of Offices that support PCT-SAFE:

  • RO/CA
  • RO/DE
  • RO/EP (soon to cease)
  • RO/ES
  • RO/GB
  • RO/IB
  • RO/IL
  • RO/KR
  • RO/US

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