Patentcenter ticket tracking

Those who regularly use EFS-Web and Private PAIR need to be joining the beta-testers of Patentcenter.  You need to do this because eventually USPTO will shut down EFS-Web and Private PAIR.  You need to find the bugs in Patentcenter and you need to figure out what features need to be requested in Patentcenter.  To this end you should probably join the Patentcenter listserv.  And to this end I have set up two very simple pages:

If you find a bug in Patentcenter that you think needs to be listed on the trouble tickets page, join the listserv and bring it up there.  Members of the listserv can then add it to the trouble ticket page.  Similarly if you think of a feature that needs to be added to Patentcenter, bring it up in the listserv and we can then add it to the feature requests page.


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