Most-read postings in “Ant-like Persistence” for 2014

The arrival of a new year prompts every blogger to look back to see which postings in the previous year reached a lot of eyeballs.

Well, by far the most-read posting for all of 2014 in Ant-like Persistence was “A little-known USPTO initiative to reduce the backlog“.  This posting, dating from early April of 2014, might be of great interest to patent practitioners who missed the original posting.

In second place was “USPTO is closed today, Monday, March 17“.  This was the posting that told readers that it was a snow day in Washington.  It meant that anything that needed to be filed in the USPTO on Monday March 17 could be postponed until Tuesday March 18 and still be timely.

The people who subscribe to this blog are likely to hear of such USPTO closings in the future.  So if you have not already done so, subscribe to the blog.  And if you have a friend or colleague who would like to hear about it when the USPTO has a snow day, encourage them to subscribe to the blog.


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