Requesting EUIPO to join the WIPO DAS system

Would you like it if EUIPO were to become a participating Office in the WIPO Digital Access Service (DAS) system?

For example, suppose you have obtained a Registered Community Design (RCD) in the EUIPO, and now you wish to file a US design patent application claiming priority from that RCD.  To perfect the priority claim at the USPTO, you need to somehow obtain a certified copy of the RCD application and you need to file it at the USPTO.  It is not easy to obtain a paper certified copy of the RCD application.  If only EUIPO were to become a participating Office in the DAS system, then you could easily use DAS as the way to get a certified copy from EUIPO to USPTO.

Here is your opportunity to join others in a request to EUIPO that it join the DAS system.  A letter will get sent to the EUIPO asking it to join the DAS system.  If you wish, you can become a signer of that letter.  To read the letter and to see how to sign, click here.

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  1. Thank you. Because Europe & the UK treat Registered Designs as a different form of Intellectual Property to patents, neither the EUIPO or the UKIPO uses the DAS system for transferring priority documents to other Offices (except for ‘utility’ patents, when it comes to the UKIPO). If this letter encourages the EUIPO to join the DAS system, perhaps it will encourage other offices (like the UKIPO) to do the same. Thank you for starting this initiative.

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