Search fee for ISA/RU to increase December 6

The search fee paid by US filers of PCT applications for the Russian searching authority will increase on December 6, 2017 from $482 to $698.  You can see the details here.

This changes slightly the ranking by cost of the various searching authorities available to filers in RO/US.  Here is how the search fees will rank after the fee change of December 6:

  • EP – $2238
  • US – $2080
  • AU – $1688
  • SG – $1552
  • JP – $1372
  • KR – $1114
  • US – $1040 (small entity)
  • IL – $963
  • RU – $698
  • US – $520 (micro entity)

The result of this fee change is that, for the first time in a very long time, the Russian patent office will not be the least expensive searching authority for PCT filers in RO/US.  ISA/US will be the least expensive (but only for a filer that qualifies for micro entity status).

Filers in RO/US tend to pick ISA/EP, ISA/US, or ISA/KR.  It is relatively rare that a US filer will pick ISA/RU (or ISA/AU, ISA/IL, ISA/JP, or ISA/SG).  Nonetheless, for the US filer who is planning to file a PCT application in which ISA/RU is selected, there will be an opportunity to save a little money.  The filer could file on December 5 rather than December 6, and the savings would be $216.

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