Sell your patent appeal by June 19!

If you have a patent application that is on appeal, that you were thinking of letting go abandoned, this is your chance.  Sell it to somebody who wants to get their appeal decided fast.  But you’ve got to act quickly.  This opportunity ends on June 19, just five days from now.

This opportunity comes from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s two-for-one sale, which I blogged about yesterday.  This program of the PTAB permits a filer that owns two cases that are on appeal to drop one of the appeals to get the other appeal decided fast.

Which clearly creates a secondary market in appealed patent applications.  Someone who owns a patent application that is on appeal, an application has become less important in the time that has passed since the case was appealed, would naturally want to sell it to someone who needs their appeal decided fast.

But the program has a proviso that the two applications need to have been commonly owned as of June 19, 2015.  So if you are going to sell your appealed case, you need to do it within the next five days.


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