Three seminars in the US about EPO for paralegals

The European Patent Office (EPO) will sponsor three seminars for US‑based patent practitioners, paralegals and their administrative staff.

The seminars will be the mornings of:

  • Monday, October 29 in Palo Alto
  • Wednesday, October 31 in Houston
  • Friday, November 2 in Arlington, Virginia

Registration will cost €80 which includes lunch.

Topics include:

  • Introduction to the EPO
  • How to use the EPO as
    • International Searching Authority
    • International Preliminary Examining Authority
  • Benefits of using the EPO
    • Quality
    • Timeliness
  • How to solve problems
    Answers to the questions US users most commonly ask the EPO’s PCT helpdesk
    Where to get support

    • Helpdesk
    • Tutorials
  • ePCT
  • PCT Direct
  • Filing demands
  • Entry into the regional phase
  • PPH made easy
  • Paying fees and optimizing your deposit account
  • Receiving communications electronically
    European Patent Register: staying up to date with procedural information on all European patent applications
  • Global Patent Index: easily searching the EPO’s worldwide bibliographic and legal status patent data

The presenters are real people from the EPO.  This is a unique opportunity to meet EPO people face-to-face and to get very useful information.  For more information, or to register, click here.

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