USPTO fails to handle EBC trouble tickets about Patent Center

(Update:  we wrote to Commissioner for Patents Udupa about the open-or-closed status of these fifteen EBC tickets on October 12, 2023 (see email).  We have sent a followup letter to the Commissioner and hopefully we will hear back from her.)

The USPTO claims to listen to users who report bugs in Patent Center.  The USPTO says that one of the ways that a user can report a bug in Patent Center is to open a trouble ticket with the Electronic Business Center.

Here are fifteen EBC trouble tickets which users of Patent Center opened, reporting bugs in Patent Center.  In this table, each EBC ticket number is listed along with the corresponding CP ticket number on the Patent Center trouble ticket list, and along with the date of creation of the trouble ticket.

The USPTO is disingenuous when it pretends that reporting Patent Center bugs to the EBC supposedly works.  Never, not even once, has any Patent Center user who opened a trouble ticket about Patent Center with the EBC ever heard back from the EBC with any progress or resolution for the bug that was being reported.  The USPTO never got back to any of these fifteen Patent Center users.

EBC ticket number CP ticket number creation date
1-690814254 CP16 May 4, 2020
1-695641646 CP30 June 8, 2020
1-701563481 CP33 July 5, 2020
1-761431662 CP55 June 14, 2021
1-761431662 CP56 June 14, 2021
1-823950504 CP63 October 22, 2021
1-839307926 CP69 December 3, 2021
1-783509075 CP71 December 8, 2021
1-826155667 CP103 March 13, 2023
1-827293068 CP127 March 28, 2023
1-828414131 CP135 March 30, 2023
1-830635911 CP139 May 18, 2023
1-831159389 CP140 May 25, 2023
1-831173674 CP141 May 25, 2023
1-838522518 CP148 August 29, 2023
1-836237428 CP160 September 30, 2023

2 Replies to “USPTO fails to handle EBC trouble tickets about Patent Center”

  1. Congratulations for you good work. As an independent inventor, no money to pay an attorney, I have often had to ask questions to the EBC, and my experience is that I receive as many different answers as I ask the same question again. They just say something. Unfortunately I have never recorded the events… But I am sure that others have the same experience as I do.

    I ask to keep my name out of this, because I have experience of another kind: requesting help from the Ombudsman for more serious problems than random non-sensical answers, caused retaliation and other patent denials, which I cannot afford.

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