Which ePCT topics you want me to teach sooner than others!

Yesterday I posted a blog article asking readers to let me know which ePCT topics they want me to teach sooner than other topics.  I listed fifteen topics.  I provided a very long and tedious questionnaire by which readers could indicate their personal rankings of the fifteen topics, as “urgent” or “average urgency” or “not urgent”.  Fifty-four readers responded, for which I am quite grateful.  Here you can see what they said: 


urgent average urgency not urgent
filing a new US PCT application in RO/US using ePCT 21 17 16
ePCT actions and communications with the IB 19 22 12
filing a new US PCT application in RO/IB using ePCT 18 25 11
docketing of PCT applications and making use of ePCT notifications 17 19 17
External signatures and PCT declarations 16 25 12
Making sure your US priority documents are available to DAS, best practices for filing US priority documents, Certificates of Availability, setting up alerts 16 19 18
Getting to know your ePCT workbench, portfolios, office profiles, cloning, ePCT actions 15 22 16
using ePCT to e-file in ISAs and IPEAs, filing Demands 15 22 16
doing 92bis changes 15 22 16
Publication front page preview, generating reports of outstanding Forms ISA/202, generating reports of applications with outstanding priority documents 9 28 16
Getting pending PCT applications into your workbench, going back to January 1, 2009, archiving old applications 9 22 23
Shared address books, collaborative workflow, sharing with clients, sharing with outside counsel 9 20 23
Intro to ePCT, why ePCT is important, getting a user ID and password, setting up 2FA 9 13 31
sequence listings and ePCT 9 13 31
Handshakes, eOwners, eEditors, eViewers, access rights groups, employee first day of work, employee last day of work 7 23 23

I will try to take these responses somewhat into account as I plan the sequence of the webinars.  One thing is that some of the topics are, to some extent, reliant upon other topics for example as prerequisites.  So I will present some topics before others for this reason.

I am very grateful to the fifty-four readers who took the time to fill out the long and tedious questionnaire.  You know who you are!

4 Replies to “Which ePCT topics you want me to teach sooner than others!”

  1. Dear Carl
    I think there is a need for some sort of multi factor formula to sort topics. You should assign a weight to each selection (urgent = 1 , average urgency = 0.5 , not urgent = 0).
    Then, calculate each row score, for instance:
    Row 1 -> filing a new US PCT application in RO/US using ePCT = (1*21) + (0.5*17) = 29.5
    Row 3 -> filing a new US PCT application in RO/IB using ePCT = (1*18) + (0.5*25) = 30.5
    As has been shown row 3 has more score than row 1
    just kidding 🙂

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