Who would find these four webinars to be of interest?

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(Update:  now you can sign up for the four webinars! )

At this link you can see a plan for four webinars.  The goal is to cover the PCT forms that PCT applicants and agents receive most often.  Each webinar will be 90 minutes in length.  The goal is to cover the forms listed and discussed in Oppedahl on PCT Forms and PCT Docketing, shown at right.

The question is, would anybody actually want to attend these four webinars?  That’s what I would like to know.  I invite people to post a comment below.

18 Replies to “Who would find these four webinars to be of interest?”

  1. Having bought your great book and worked through it, probably not me. But I would think it would be great for a lot of paralegals and attorneys who haven’t done that.

  2. I have purchased the book and believe webinar training on how to use it and the forms would be very helpful.

    thank you.

  3. Carl,

    I would attend the webinars. You always provide both informative and engaging presentations. I hope you go forward with them.

  4. I have to admit to getting a bit of webinar ‘overload’. Your list of forms is very useful and I have already created a document listing the forms most important to docket for an ePCT case. These webinars may be useful for many other people, but I am juggling the forms and systems needed for the new UPC in Europe, starting work with another firm (therefore needing to register the change of agent) and the CPD webinars required by my regulation authority – IP Reg.

    As I will be docketing most of these forms myself in a new IP management system, I’d prefer to just look up the forms on the PCT website and follow their instructions about what is needed where/when and using their videos to see how best to complete them.

  5. Yes, I definitely would like to attend those 4 webinars. Thank you very much for doing this. Hope you’ll find the time. Highly appreciated!

  6. I personally found the webinars to be extremely informative and forced me to examine more closely my Patent Center filings going forward, and not to assume all is in order simply because my last filing did not contain noticeable errors.

  7. Yes, absolutely. I’ve been working with these forms for years and would love to have a better understanding of them.

  8. Yes, I would love to attend all four webinars! I’ve been learning as we received some of these forms but would love to have better understandings of each form.

  9. I have found the past webinars extremely informative! Looking forward to the next four webinars as well!!!

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