Identify this music-on-hold song and win a prize

Okay folks here is a chance to win a free digital multimeter.

What prompts this is that I keep hearing a particular music-on-hold (MOH) song on lots of different tech support and customer service systems.  So I figure this song is probably one of the standard royalty-free MOH songs that comes with the Asterisk phone system or something.  You can hear the song here.

To win the prize, post a comment with a link to the web page where this particular MOH song can be downloaded.


6 thoughts on “Identify this music-on-hold song and win a prize

  1. The name of the song is Opus No. 1 by Tim Carleton & Darrick Deel and it can be accessed/downloaded via the link below.

    [link deleted – see Amazon link in comment below – CO]


  2. According to Shazam, the song is “Opus No. 1” by Tim Carleton & Darrick Deel. I guess I’m too late to be the winner.

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