Now you can binge-watch 14 hours of the Patent Cooperation Treaty

Would you like to attend a free-of-charge two-day advanced course on the Patent Cooperation Treaty?  Here is your opportunity. This series of fifteen lectures on the PCT is available free of charge.  You can watch these lectures from anywhere in the world, at whatever hour of the day or night is convenient for you.  You can watch these lectures on your computer, on your smart phone, or on a tablet.  You could project the lectures onto a big screen in a conference room and watch the lectures as a group activity.

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  1. I can highly recommend this series of lectures and accompanying slides. Carl tells you everything you wanted to know and more.

    While somewhat lacking in character development the action moves along at a good pace with scary pitfalls pointed out by Carl. I’d suggest watching no more than 2 episodes at a time; gives the tension time to build.

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