Getting your listserv subscription working again

Here are some things that might possibly get your subscription to our listservs (email discussion groups) working again.

This follows up on my earlier postings here and here and here.

What you might try is:

  • Whitelist email messages where the “envelope sender” is “”
  • Whitelist email messages emanating from:
    • the email address “” or
    • the email address “” or
    • the email address “” or
    • and so on for whichever “bounces” email address your server is bouncing, or
    • all email addresses ending in “”.
  • Whitelist email messages emanating from the our server which is at IP address

Probably what is going on is that your email server is blocking email messages from our email server, and it blocks them by sending a message to our server:

SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 550 Action not taken

You might want to contact your email service provider or system administrator.  If it would be helpful, I can generate a report from our email server that details the bounce messages that your email server is sending to our email server.  Very likely what it will show is dozens of instances of your server saying “550 Action not taken” to our server.


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