USPTO’s Design Day 2016 will sell out

As I mentioned here yesterday, registration opened yesterday for USPTO’s Design Day 2016 which will take place on Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

The event opened with 350 seats available.  As of right now, 150 seats are taken.  There are only 200 seats left.  It’s likely the event will sell out well before April 19.

One of the industry speakers at this event will be Brian Kelleghan, president of Bison Designs in Longmont, Colorado.  Bison Designs is a leading designer and manufacturer of accessories including carabiners and bottle openers.  Brian’s company was obtaining and making use of design patents long before recent events made it fashionable to get design patents.  Attendees at this event will get to see striking, even astonishing examples of patented designs and will get to hear from Brian about ways that design patents have benefited his company.

Design day offers a unique opportunity for practitioners and members of industry alike to learn from USPTO people, from experienced practitioners, and from people like Brian.  Don’t miss it!

To register, click on the link above.

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