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Hello readers!  The server that hosts this blog got hacked on October 18, during the time that I was in Washington DC for the face-to-face meeting (blog article) with USPTO people on the topic of Patent Center.  When I returned to home after these travels, I set to work dealing with the hack.  The recovery plan that I eventually arrived at was to set up a new hosting server with the plan of shutting down the old hosting server.  It was quite a lot of work to migrate all of the systems that had been on the old server, over to the new server, keeping in mind that it was very important to be extremely careful to ensure that the only stuff to be be migrated from the old server was content and not any executable code.  It meant that every instance of executable code needed to be rebuilt from scratch, from trusted sources.  And a number of new and additional protective measures needed to be in place on the new server.  And everything needed to be tested.

The way that this affects you, dear reader, is that if you are one of the thousands of subscribers to this blog, you did not get notified by email of any new blog posts after October 18.  It was just today that I successfully migrated the subscriber list over from the old (compromised) server to the new server.  So it is only today that you, as a subscriber, will resume being notified by email of new blog posts.

And this means that you did not get notified of the following nine blog posts that happened after October 18.  So here is a blog post to identify the blog posts that you did not get notified about.

6 Replies to “Welcome back to blog subscribers”

  1. Thank you for what sounds like an awful lot of work at your end – looking at your list of posts though it seems as though I received all of them.

  2. Thank you very much for all your efforts and hard work. The lack of understanding from the PTO is truly disheartening.

  3. Thank you. And to think that you as an individual put more care and effort into the transition to the new server than the USPTO did in the transition to Patent Center …

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